Bathroom Renos

When purchasing our new home, one of the things that we knew we were going to do first, was to update/renovate the bathrooms. The 2 upstairs bathrooms were definitely in need of some work, as the tub and sinks were rusted out (metal sinks!), toilets were old, barely functioning and needed to be replaced with water saving/energy efficient ones, and all decor needed to be changed.

We are currently in the process of working on the upstairs main bath (or "kids bath") as I like to call it, as it is much smaller and is a good "starting" project for us.

I will post pictures as our progress continues, but here are the before shots:

Main/Kids Bath BEFORE

Master Ensuite BEFORE

Main Floor Powder Room BEFORE

Now, dont be fooled, by the nice lighting and angles in these pictures-lol. These pictures were all taken by the realator who sold this house, so they so look a bit better in these pics. Regardless, you can see the challenge we are working with in the master ensuite, since we have decided to take everything out and start fresh.

Stay Tuned...more pics (and progress!) to come!

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