Goodbye to the old... and hello to the outdated?

Goodbye first home.....

Bittersweet was this moment for us.

This was our first home together. The place where we had moved in together, cooked together, planted gardens together, planned our wedding together, brought home our first “baby” together (cloverJ) and were now leaving.

We had been anxiously looking for a house with more space not only for us, but also our gigantic “puppy” who had literally gone from a cute 15 pound fluff ball to a 75 pound polar bear in literally 5 months. We NEEDED space.

My dad (and incredible sales agent) found us our new home. It wasn’t perfect, but it had “the bones” as my dad would say, and we could make it our own. Plus it had a pool... and who doesn’t love the idea of having summer bbq’s and pool parties?! We were sold.

So we put our little home on the market and within a month, had sold it to another young couple starting their lives together.

I cried when it sold. I cried when we packed, I cried when we moved and I cried the first night we didn’t go back. It had been our home and this new place we were in, didn’t feel like a home yet. The toilet flush sounded like an airplane take-off, the dishwasher had bandaids and action figures in it, the walls were Barney purple with shiny stripes, but I had to remember my dad’s words of wisdom….”one step at a time Melissa, one step at a time”. I knew we COULD make this house our home, but did we have it in us?

We had never renovated or done a lot of home projects in the past. But I knew we were both willing to learn, willing to try and up for the challenge.

So that was it. Goodbye to the old and hello to the outdated ;)

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