Hard to find Hardware.....

Recently we have been changing out all of the hardware on our doors, handles on drawers, you name it. This house had some pretty 80's gold handles everywhere that we knew we had to change.

Although we are putting some pretty basic handles on the majority of the doors in the house, I really want to put a glass/crystal knob on the door to our closet....perfect room to glam up a bit, and hubby actually likes the idea!

SO, there are some pretty neat places to find hardward in our town, but I was checking online and found Anthropologie's amazing collection of hardware. They pretty much have the most amazing collection of unique and vintage looking pieces:

Knobs (a few of my favs):




Door Knobs:

I think they would look amazing on the right pieces- especially a vintage find that's been upcycled.
Definitely has inspired me to find a piece to work with the knobs! lol! Happy hunting!

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