Designer Debate...the thrill of the hunt

Last night I was having a belated birthday dinner with my wonderful Maid of Honour, and of course we got into a conversation about fashion. Typical Melissa-Melissa convo topic.

I met her at the restaurant and even before we said hello, it was the usual "I LOVE your outfit, where did you get that?!". :) One of the many things I love about her!

As we started to exchange the locations of our fashion finds, I started to realise that 3 out of the 6 things I had been wearing were actually from Zellers (gasp!). Now, I know you might be thinking- seriously...this girl has been telling me about finding great deals for less, and in all actuality shes been buying everything from Zellers....figures. Well dont jump the gun yet, because Zellers has a great line of clothes- PURE by Alfred Sung. A true frugal fashionista does not discriminate against labels!

One of the fashion blogs I follow religiously, "O My Heart" is another awesome Canadian blogger, whose outfits are generally a combination of boutique finds, online shopping sources, the odd Joe Fresh piece and the occasional "surprise" find.  She has been recently wearing this chunky pearl necklace in a lot of her posts, that she found at Urban Planet.

Not being label-bias, I went to check it out (although the 90's "Stitches" commercial was playing in my head the entire time) and found the exact necklace there for $3.67. Yes, you read correctly- $3.67 (ok technically it was $6.00 on clearance for 50% off, but still came to $3.67).  I couldn't pass up that deal (pictures to come). Ive worn it twice now (since Monday!) and have already had a bunch of people compliment me on it.

SO, the point of this rant was to prove that great fashion finds come from all places :) Its all about the search! I feel this whole idea of women searching for great finds came from primitive times (stick with me here....) Men had to hunt for food, and women were the gatherer's. We'll maybe women didn't want to be gatherer's. Maybe they wanted to hunt too! As so, then there was Winners. Its all relative.

Ok back to Zellers.

In the past I have gotten some great finds there, including- a super cute black men's wear blazer:

A brown mens wear blazer:

A few pairs of flats, and a super cute pair of cork wedges. In describing these wedges to Melissa, I decribed them as cork with a very vinatge looking patern- grey with a small white and yellow floral print...super cute. NOT grandma-ish. Again, picture proof to follow.

I also recently found a black of cute black wedges from Payless:

Inspiration source for the wedges: O My Heart again.

So keep an open mind when hunting for great fashion finds.

I feel I am revealing a secret here to you- that my clothes are not designer (gasp! lol) 
I'm not a regular at Chanel, Prada or Jimmy Choo (sigh, but wouldn't we all LOVE to be? Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw's closet for making us all so familiar with them...)

p.s check out this super fun link to her closet ;)

I am a true believer that the top 3 most important things to look for, when shopping for clothes are:

1. Quality
2. Fit (for your body type)
3. Longevity

Regardless of where they came from! (Again, thanks for that lesson mom!). We all might have those few special pieces we spluge on though...(hey, every girl needs at least 1!), but you can look fabulous for less!

Its all in the fun of the hunt...

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