Distressed Buffet- DIY

I am so excited! We FINALLY found a buffet! After months and months of searching in every possible store, Kijiji, second hand stores, driving to Toronto and countless other cities, we finally found one!!!

It came up on Kijiji one night, and we went to look at it the very next day. One of the most important things we discovered when looking for buffet, was that is had the right "configuration" for what we needed it for.

We found tons of gorgeous buffets that had drawers. Lots and lots of drawers. But we didn't think putting all our plates and lying down wine glasses in a drawer was a good idea...

We wanted something with DOORS. Shelves and space to put plates, bowls, etc. Our ideal configuration had to have doors on the bottom with a drawer or two up top (to put cutlery, placemats, etc in).

The other thing that was important to us, was what it was made out of. We wanted something that was solid wood...ideally. However, we were willing to get something that might have been a mixture of materials.

Lone behold, there it was!
Solid wood, 3 doors on the bottom...2 drawers up top. One of the drawers is even felt lined with purple fabric for the cutlery!
Has a bit of character with the woodwork, and definite potential :)

So we picked it up, and got an incredible deal on it. $60.00. SOLD!!

We are now debating on whether or not we are going to stain or paint it. Since our floors are so dark and our table matches the floors, we feel like we need to stain it darker to match, OR get another piece of furniture the same colour at this piece, so our living room doesn't end up looking like a garage sale :S

We wanted something we could stain, but its always a gamble on whether or not stain will end up looking the way you want it to (plus its a major pain to do).

I found this example of a re-stained dresser (from one of my favorite blogs "Centsational Girl" that looks fabulous).

This is her before and after:

To find out how she did this project, click here.

If we decide to paint it, we want to do a bit of an antiqued look, similar to the following:

If you like this type of finish as well, here's how to get the look:

1) Work with an inexpensive (preferably second hand) piece of furniture

2) Sand the entire piece- including all little cracks and crevices

3) Paint it- it might take a few coats, depending on what colour paint you are using and the previous finish to the piece. Having furniture professionally sprayed always gives a cleaner finish, but is more costly. Word to the wise, even if you spray it, there are still chances your paint may not work well with the piece. We discovered this when we painted the cabinet we have in our office. Based on its age, the painter said pieces around that time that had a coat of varnish on them, that often doesn't react well with paint. The varnish used then, was a combination of various products one of which included 'bug guts' (Im sure there is a much more technical term than 'bug guts' that I am just not aware of!). The 'bug guts' react with the paint, and often orange or pink spots may appear through the paint. This is what happened to our cabinet, and it look over 4 coats of paint being sprayed on, to cover those spots (and a few have still appeared since). SO, a few more tips:
-  Sand INCREDIBLY well
-  ALWAYS use a primer

4.) After the paint is dry, use materials to "destroy" the piece a bit, and make it look a bit more "distressed". Hammer, nails, etc, but make sure you dont go too crazy here ;)

5.) Sand the edges again so the wood shows through the paint a bit.

Here's a few articles for more information on how to do this. The first is from "My Romantic Home", and another from:  "Centsational Girl".

Wish us luck with this one!!

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  1. Umm.... "driving to Toronto...."
    You know what I'm talking about. :x
    I might just like your buffet blog but I'm not going to tell you that now.


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