Great Minds Think Alike....

Someone else had the same idea I had!

Check out this Style at Home transformation that was just published today:

THEIR transformation: $550.00 per chair (plus the cost of fabric).

MY transformation: $90 per chair (cost of chair plus spraying white) + $12 each chair in fabric...so $102.00 per chair.

Mind you, their chairs have much more fabric than mine, but the look is still very similar. Yes for DIY!!

Oh and check out: Style At Home Best Designer Secrets for 2011. Some incredible ideas in there ;)


  1. No way!! so cool!
    Have any tips on recovering a chair like this? The back part seems hard....I bought one from kijiji the other day and I think I'm in over my head! I can't see how to get the arms off to put the fabric on! Help oh design guru!! haha

  2. Hey Jessica!
    You have to turn the chair over to unscrew the base off- then you can recover that and screw it back in.
    Im currently working on a more challenging chair, so I'll post the exact details of how I did it, once its done ;)


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