Junk to Treasure

I had this item posted on Kijiji for $10.00.

A basic wood frame with a mirror and 5 hooks.
6 people emailed me about it in 1 day...the first day I posted it.
I know, I was shocked too.

I started thinking, maybe I can do something with this.
It was something Ian had when we moved in together. Neither of us are really sure where it came from (probably Walmart!), but it was in good condition and could be used for something.

So I made it into this:

It is now a framed message board that will go into our mud room when we finish it one day :)
It will be great for us to leave messages for each other, grocery lists, "TO DO" lists for kids, etc.
I actually purchased some new knobs to put on the bottom of it as well, but Im worried they might be a bit too moden for this "country feel" I have to this piece now.

Im on the hunt for some "vintage looking" knobs now. We'll see how long that takes me.

So here's how I created my message board from this:

Step 1: Remove the mirror from the piece:

Step 2: Take your piece and sand it down really well.
Step 3: Find something to use, to replace the mirror. In this case, the mirror had a piece of particleboard behind it, and that is what I used to spray with chalk board paint. Spray with the chalk board paint.
I just used a can of spray chalk board paint from RONA.

Step 4: Prime your piece (this one needed 2 coats):

Step 5: Paint the piece your desired colour (3 coats this time for me)
Step 6: Screw or nail the chalkboard piece back into the frame
Step 7: I wanted to distress the piece a bit, so I used a piece of sand paper and sanded down some of the edges a bit:

Ta Da!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

So there you have it. Again, I still need to add on the knobs, but its going to take some time to find the right ones.
Good way to upcycle something you already have and dont use, into something useful!


  1. You must have learned from the Master, your Mom.
    Great job Melissa


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