Sunburst Mirror

So earlier this week I gave you all a preview on what I was working on.

I am so excited to show you the final product :)

There was so much inspiration out there, to help me with this project. I was originally inspired by the design world and the abundance of sunburst mirrors out there, that I knew I wanted to make one. I was also inspired by fellow bloggers and even a photo I had of a gorgeous sunset.

Here were some of my blogger inspirations:

Layla from The Lettered Cottage and her outdoor suburst:

JandJ Home and their version:

Addicted to Decorating and their creation:

and Kate (aka) Centsational Girl and her gorgeous mirror:

So that is what I started with. I took suggestions from all of these fabulous bloggers and created my own version.

Here is how is started:

I got my supplies together:
1. Round mirror (7 inches)
2. Wood craft embroidery ring (7 inches)
3. 2 floral arrangement rings (12 inch and 8 inch)
4. Hot glue gun
5. Wood filler
6. Gorilla Glue
7. Paint (to be used on my future sunburst mirror....)
8. Fast drying polyurethane (not pictured)


9. 3 Packs of wooden shims (purchased from Lowes):

Step 1:
Took my Wood craft embroidery ring and pulled the metal attachement piece off of it, glued the ends together and filled the small holes that left, with wood filler. Challenge with this, I was anticipating painting my shims, until I decided to do that for another project, so now I have wood filler that I cannot cover up, on my ring. So basically I just have to make sure that part is facing down and no one will notice:

Step 2: Lay out your Floral rings and begin playing around with how you want the shims to be placed:

I used the small holes in the rings as a guideline, and placed 4 shims down first, and then went from there.

Then you can start to lay down more shims and glue as you go. A few people suggested gorilla glue, but I didn't have the patience for it, and used the glue gun instead. Just make sure you have your pieces in the right spots, since the glue gun glue dries very quickly.

Once I had the first row done, I started to work on adding layers to hide the floral rings:

Once I had everything layed down and glued, I let it dry overnight:

The next day I bought some polyurethane, (the fast drying kind that dries clear), and went over each piece with it.

In the second picture you can start to see that some pieces are much darker in colour (the wood has been brought to life) and it really helps to highlight the colour of the wood.

In some of the other mirrors I posted, some bloggers painted the wood, some left it as it...I think its really a personal preference. For my next mirror, I think Im going to paint it to get a different look, but I love how this one turned out.

Then I glued the mirror to the base, and glued my wood craft embroidery ring, around the mirror (wood filler side at the bottom)so when I hang the mirror, you wont be able to see the wood filler.

And here it is!

I love it! Its going to go in our guest room, so I'll post a pic when that room is finished and the mirror is hung.


  1. You crafty diva, you!!! I am so freaking impressed!!! LOL

    Open a store!! I can help - I will shop!! :)

  2. thanks Tal! It was actually pretty fun to make!

  3. It looks beautiful. What a great mirror. Thanks so much for linking back to my mirror.

  4. Great job! Where did you end up hanging your mirror?


  5. thanks Kristin! I havent hung it yet, and I actually made a second one that I'll be posting soon (that I like a lot better) :)

  6. p.s Kristin I tried commenting on your blog but it wouldnt let me! Great work on the blog and projects so far! keep going with it :)


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