Happy Anniversary

Sorry for the lack of a post today, but tonight my love and I will be out celebrating 2 wonderful years together :)

It started out as a highschool crush. 13 years later, we are married and I love him more than I ever have. Every single day I ask myself how I got so lucky. To marry a man to loves me for me, who brings out the best in me, and would do anything for me. We found each other 13 years ago, and I plan to hold onto that forever.

I love you, forever and always xoxoox



  1. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to you both! Enjoy your celebration as it sounds like everyday is a fairy tale for you. :-) Do we ever get tired of hearing true love stories? A lovely post.

  2. Happy Anniversary !! Wishing you many many more years of love and happiness xoxoxo.


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