The Headboard Ordeal....

So as we are also in the process of redecorating our bedroom (on a budget as always), I came across a bed I feel in love with....

This is the Colette Bed from the Crate and Barrel website.
Its gorgeous, well made, and totally over our budget. Unfortunately we don't have $2000.00 in the budget for a bed.

So I found this bed instead at CSN stores (LOVE THEM!):

which I actually loved more and also loved its much more affordable price tag of $550.00.

However, in reading the reviews, I wasn't sure about the detail on the bed, and was very confused as to what the fabric colour ACTUALLY looked like. So I emailed and asked for a fabric sample. I got the sample in the mail, and was disappointed.
The picture above shows the bed in a velvet buckwheat colour, and that colour actually looks like this:

Now, there is nothing wrong with that colour, I actually don't mind it, but its not the colour I need for our bedroom. It wasn't that creamy white colour I was hoping for. The only other colour option they had was white, and a very BRIGHT white at that.

So scratch that option.

I thought about making one. Kate from Centsational Girl has made my dream headboard here:

Honestly though, I think it would take me months to make that...and it would probably be crooked and knowing my luck, it would probably fall and hit someone on head while sleeping...hmmmmm scratch that option too.

We happened to be returning something to Homesense last weekend when we saw these headboards:

So it wasn't a bed, but it was a gorgeous fabric, right colour, and the nailhead detail looked very well done. Quality!
Plus the price was totally right. Less than half of what the bed at CSN cost.

We figured we could either get a metal frame like this for the bed:

or build a frame out of wood (Ian's preferred option). But we are still debating on that one. If we choose the metal frame option, all we have to do, is get a nice bed skirt (Ian is apparently not a bed skirt fan...I think he has images of this in his mind):

while I have images of this:

so we'll see. The option of building a frame, sounds great, but will be a lot of work, more expensive and we either need to cover it with a skirt anyways, or upholster it (which I am not too sure about!).

So that's up for debate still.

However, getting this headboard home was not exactly easy. We tried borrowing my brothers hatch back to put it in. Wouldn't go. We tried thinking of someone we knew who had a van we could borrow...no luck.  We went to Rona to see if we could rent a van...no vans available. We went to Home Depot to rent a van...they wouldn't let us since we weren't buying anything from the store. GRRRRRR!

So last option... U-Haul. Honestly that whole "$19.95!" deal sounds so great...until you factor in mileage, and a whole list of other fee's I can't remember. So it cost us $42.00 to rent a U-Haul for 25 minutes to get this headboard home. Good thing the headboard wasn't that expensive.

Driving the U-Haul was an experience all in its own! But we got it home and it looks awesome :)

So what are your thoughts?

Wood bed frame or metal frame? If any of you have built a frame before, please include your link in the comments below! Thanks :)


  1. i would say metal bedframe because you can find enough of them really cheap and even on craigslist there are alot on there for around $50 to save your self money. You can then just screw the headboard to it and be done.

  2. great suggestion!! thanks :)

  3. Great find! I just found your blog because I'm looking at that CSN bed and now I'm worried. I actually called the manufacturer and they said that it was more like the LIGHT colour you posted above.

    Ugh. Now I'm stressed.

  4. I would call and ask for swatches before you order. I got the swatches in the mail and honestly the colour was not very light. They said the only other colour there was, is "white" (they sent me that too) and it was SO bright! I wanted more of a creamy colour, but they didn't seem to have that. Definitely ask them to email you some swatches first ;)
    Hope that helps!

  5. What did you end up doing? We are going through the SAME thing with our master bedroom - and I went full circle from thinking I wanted a distressed wood 4 poster frame, to wanting the bed above (found your blog after I too found the above bed at CSN) Let us know what you ended up doing!?

  6. Melissa @ Living BeautifullyOctober 20, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    Hi kate! We ended up getting just a headboard from Homesense. I loved the full bed, but just didn't want to take the risk of ordering it and not liking the colour! We haven't set it up in the room yet, but I'll post pics once we do!! Thanks for reading! :)

  7. Oh please tell me which Homesense! I've been going through the same debate!

  8. Hey Melissa, It's Heather. Did you get the metal bed frame yet? If not, we have one that was left here when we moved in...it's yours if you want it...we can drop it at Tara's next time we're in town. Heather

  9. Melissa @ Living BeautifullyJanuary 16, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    any!! just keep checking them for them- ive seen them everywhere but not for a while!


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