Master Ideas

We're in the process of working on ideas for our master bedroom, and I wanted to share of bit of our inspiration with you.

We've made a bunch of decisions (colours, furniture, lighting, etc.), but we are still debating on how to do the walls.

Here are some ideas I love:

All images: House of Turquoise

There are different things I love about each, but they are all within the "look" we're aiming to achieve :)

What do you love about your master bedroom?


  1. I like the idea of paler gray walls if you have a lot of light coming in so it doesn't appear too dark. Currently I have brick red walls and I HATE them! I can't get the hubby talked into painting them. I need to talk him into it because there is no way I can move all the heavy wood furniture by myself!

  2. I love my bedroom because I feel like I am staying in a fine hotel. The colours are soft and restful. I have a beautiful maple tree outside my window that I love to look at when I wakeup so I love having soft sheer window treatments that don't cover it up.

  3. Those would all be big changes from what itt lookss like now!!!

  4. We just redid our master bedroom. I did go for darker colors, which is a huge no-no, if your room is north facing like ours. But, I wanted warmer and cozier, for a room that we spend so much time in. To let in more light during the day, I only have a cornice on my window, instead of heavy curtains, opting for blackout shades, which I can put all the way up and let all light in. We're also putting in hardwoods throughout at some point soon, so that will also open up and give some contrast to our room. As our furniture is also dark and we're going for lighter floors.

    We both love purple, so that's what we chose. A lighter violet color, with a dark gray accent wall. I worked around these various paintings from the same artist, all had purple.

    The one thing I will say, is that we went from high wainscoting similar to the picture with the yellow and I would totally not put it up again (it was here when we bought the house). One, the previous owners GLUED theirs to the wall (which isn't the norm, I know, and my experience is bad), so we had to replace all the drywall. Also, with animals, it's a dusting nightmare. That's my only beef with wainscoting in general.


Thank you so much for reading our blog and taking the time to comment :) We read them all, and truly appreciate the love!

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