Backyard Projects Continue....

Inbetween all of our indoor renos, we are in the midst of tearing apart fixing up our backyard. When we moved into this house, there were gardens everywhere and a lot of it was overgrown, plants were dying off and the flowers were planted in odd spots.

So we decided to take on another project and work on the backyard. As we started working, Ian was entering into the backyard through the back-gate, and the door literally fell off its hinges. It was a massive door- probably 6ft x8ft- one solid piece hanging off 2 small hinges. It was bound to happen. So, add another project to the list.

Ian worked pretty hard and managed (with the help of my dad) to get a new door cut and up within 2 days...and they did a pretty great job too ;)

We began by measuring the space and then figuring out how much wood we would need. We figured we needed about 16, 4x8 fence boards. Here's what we had left after some cutting:

You need to build a frame:

and then nail your boards to the frame. Here is Ian putting the last board onto the frame:

Once you've finished one door, start building your next based off the first:

We realised we needed to make the doors a bit shorter, so Ian had to cut all the boards in a straight line across the bottom to make sure they would fit the space and be even:

Attach your hinges:

Put up the first door to see how to looks:

Gotta test it out to see that it works ;)

and then attach door #2! You are probably wondering why the hinges aren't even on either side...well based on how the crazy fence was built by the previous owners, we didn't have much of a choice. But as long as it works, we're ok with it! This is strictly for function people!

Yea! We now have a door that works!
Backyard projects continue ;)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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