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Im back! I know its been a while since I last posted, but as we all know fall is busy and this fall has been no exception!

So please forgive me for my lack of posts lately...and in return for your patience I will be posting about the Master Bath Reveal very soon! Yipee!! Meanwhile, a friend of mine is having a baby girl in the next few months, and I offered to help create an inspiration board for her nursery. A few weeks ago, I posted about the photos that had inspired me, and the board is finally finished!

T, I hope this gives you some great ideas and inspires you and R, in creating a new little haven for your little girl :)

Let me give you some background on what T gave me as a starting point.

I asked her a bunch of questions and from her responses, I came to the conclusion that they wanted something with a bit of a "retro" feel, but that was also clean and fresh looking, with some natural elements as well.  They aren't into a lot of pink, frilly things or anything super girly. She also gave me a few pieces to start with:

A dresser:

and a piece of artwork they liked:

From that, I took apple green, white and coral as some inspiration colours and knew that dark brown would be an anchoring colour for the space.

I debated on whether or not they should paint the dresser, but in the end decided I liked the idea of painting it. Since the crib they ordered is espresso brown, I wanted to add a bit of lightness to the space and painting the dresser white would definitely help to do that. I would also then add some new hardware. However, if they are completely against painting the dresser and would rather refinish it, I think they could definitely get away with staining it to match the crib....and again adding some new hardware.

Some neat vintage hardware would definitely look awesome on this piece :)

The chair is a chair that they already had, but T sent me a close-up picture of it, and its actually got bits of green and pink in the fabric, so it should easily match with the rest of the decor.

I would suggest painting the walls a light neutral colour, and then incorporating colour through the accessories in the room.

Im in love with the idea of a 'tree' wall decal. I think painting something like this behind the crib would look absolutely adorable.

I think the green and white keep it feeling 'fresh and clean', and adding in the wooden crib (and possibly dresser) add in those natural elements that the room needs. The coral adds a splash of colour and the fabrics add to the retro aspect.

SO......with all that in mind, here is what I came up with-T&R, I hope you guys find it somewhat inspiring!


1. White curtains- Ikea
2. Teak Bird Mobile- Indigo
3. Turtle Bank- Indigo
4. White Dresser (repainted)
5. Bunny- Indigo
6. Light Fixture- Ikea
7. Crib- AP Industries
8. Funky Green Side Table- Candelabra
9. Elephant Bank- Indigo
10. Fabric Swatches- Tonic Living
11. Chair- (already owned)
12. Tree Wall Decal- CSN Stores
13. ABORG Rug- Ikea
14. "F" Letter- CSN Stores

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