Master Ensuite Sneak Peek...#2!

Happy Early Thanksgiving (to all my fellow Canadian readers :)

Here's a little treat for your weekend reading enjoyment! I know I'll be spending this weekend with family and celebrating Thanksgiving-  we have lots to be thankful for this year :)

Ok so I know you've all been waiting for this for eternity a very long time. And although we haven't finished it completely yet, I wanted to give you all a sneak peek on what you can expect to see in the next few weeks!

Let me remind you of the before:

And here's a sneak peek of the after:

More to come in the next few weeks :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I literally just died. Seriously. Amazing! So many little drawers! What I would put in those...

  2. Love love love love it!! It looks and feels like paradise in there. Amazing job. Definitely could be on the cover of a magazine!!

  3. lol! thanks ladies!! Im excited to post the entire thing soon!:)

  4. Wow, Melissa, that is amazing!! Looks SO great!

  5. I'm giving you the Versatile reward! I love your home! Amazing!

  6. thanks ladies! Thanks so much Sherika!! :)


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