Last summer I bought this chair for $10.00 off my favorite place (Kijiji of course):

(right now its in the process of getting sanded down with my "ugly duckling chair"!). Anyways, on our way home from picking up this chair in a small town just near our home, we came across an antique shop that had tons of amazing treasures!

Not only was this store an old house, but also a barn, a shed and a store unit-lol! Basically 4 stores in 1! Here are some of my favorite finds (you name it, they had it!):

an old spindle

hundreds of chairs

antique baby cradle

vintage couches

and my favorite piece, this gorgeous dresser.

I can't remember the name of this little store, but if you are ever just outside of Fergus, Ontario, go check it out!


  1. Love your blog and am a new follower. Where in Canada are you? I am in Toronto.

    Come visit sometime and, if you'd like, follow along as well.


  2. Thanks so much Jenny! I love your blog too and Im following you as well and on Pinterest!! :)


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