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A friend of mine is expecting a baby in January and had a baby shower last weekend. For those of you who remember, I actually posted a design board for her a while back that you can see here. I suggested a colour scheme and gave her a few suggestions on how should could work with the pieces she already had for the nursery.

Currently, I have a lot of friends entering into the "baby world", so Im constantly surrounded by adorable ideas and suggestions for nurseries and decor :) 

I wanted to create something for this friend that could be incorporated into her nursery, and that was meaningful at the same time. Ive seen ideas with the use of these materials in a variety of places, but wanted to put my own spin on it:

(I've blurred out the couples last name for privacy purposes, but once the baby is born-and given a first name, I'll be changing the tiles to say the first and last name of the baby, and changing the other titles to reflect the baby's info :)

Here's how I did it:
To start, collect your supplies:

- Picture Frames (I used 3)- Ikea or Walmart have good ones
- Scrabble Game (or Scrabble Tiles)
- Fabric pieces (9x9 size will usually work well)
- Tape/Glue Gun

Find a scrabble game- it can be old or new, but I didn't want to buy a brand new game just to take apart... so I scoured my local second hand stores for one and finally found one (they are hard to come by apparently!)

In looking for the scrabble game, I came across an old game (from the 60's) called "Numble". I had never heard of it, but apparently its exactly like scrabble...only with numbered tiles instead of letters. I bought that too, thinking I might use it for something.

Well, it came in very handy for this project, as I ended up needing number for my frames! If you dont happen to have this game sitting around (or a scrabble game for that matter!), you can easily purchase the tiles online through ebay (I actually bid on a package of scrabble tiles before finding the game at a second hand store), and they sell them for fairly cheap.

Once you have those, you'll need frames (I went with 1 larger one (which I used for the baby's name- and 2 smaller ones, but you could do 3 larger, 3 smaller, whatever works in your space). I went with white, as its neutral, and I figured they could always paint the frames out if they didn't like the colour.

You'll also need some pieces of fabric (scraps or remnants will do), I used pieces of fabric I had ordered for a room design, but it all depends on the colour scheme you are going for. 

1. Tape your fabric onto the back of the matting and make sure its secure and even.

2. Gather your tiles and decide what you want to say in the frames with them.

3. Use your glue gun to glue the tiles onto the fabric (I used masking tape so my friend could change them around if she wanted, plus I still have some changes to make once the baby is born!)

4. Voila! You are done!

Simple, vintage and looks adorable :)  I think it went along with the vintage feel she wanted for the room, and she's actually got a bit of an 'owl' theme going on, I believe so I figure this fabric worked perfectly...Its a Hoot (the name of the fabric that it is :)


  1. Such a great idea and so meaningful! The fabric, frames and overall style match the nursery PERFECTLY!! Thanks again for the special gift.

  2. This is such a cute idea! Such a fun idea for a baby shower gift. :)

  3. thanks everyone! Such an easy way to add some fun to a kids room :)


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