Ribbit...Frog Tape

You must buy this tape.

If you are planning on painting and using painters tape, buy frog tape.

We are in the midst of painting (a LOT) in our house and the dollar store painters tape wasnt cutting it anymore.

In the past we've had it rip chunks of paint of the walls, bleeding, tape breaking up. Not fun when you have to go back and re-paint everything.

So I saw an ad for Frog tape and thought we'd try it.


So there you go, if you want a referral for it, Im your girl! Worked great, no bleeding, no paint ripping, nothing!!

Happy ribbit :)


  1. I am OBSESSED with frog tape! I tried it last time we painted, and never looked back!

  2. Thanks for this. We are just about to go into painting mode herein some negelcted spaces...good to know this works well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What color paint did you use? I really love the grey! Is the other color just white?

  4. Hi Laurie! Thanks for reading!
    The colours we used were: Fencepost by ICI and Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams (we got these colours from The Lettered Cottage blog and their colour recommendations for colours!) We love them!

  5. Will def. have to check it out. Thanks so much! :)


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