Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines day....whether you spend it with family, friends, significant others...this is a day to show them how much you care :)

First of all, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad!

And to my Valentine, who happens to be away for Valentines day, but still sent me Tulips (one of my fav's) from around the globe :) I love you to the moon and back.

Ian's amazing at remembering important dates and celebrating...here's what he did for me a few years back:

yep thats right...I love you in peppers :D

I love you with all my heart sweetie :)

Clover sends kisses to you all too...

tee hee!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


  1. Such a sweet Valentine Blog :))
    Sorry you can't be with your honey today. I know he is missing you as much as you are him :)

  2. Hi! That is the cutest pizza!! What a clever idea!

    PS-I tagged you in a post today! :)

  3. That's very sweet of your beau huh? Any woman's heart would melt at such thoughtfulness. I wish you two will be together next Valentine's day. Can't wait to see what Ian would do next. :)


  4. Thanks Lisha! Hope the blog is going well, you're doing an awesome job! Melissa :)


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