Inspiration and a sneak peek....

I'm going give you all a sneak peek of our master bedroom- (which is seriously getting closer to completion...seriously) but, I wanted to address a few other things first :)

Firstly, um did you see who decided to feature our bathroom last Friday? One of our favorite blogs: Young House Love, whom we honestly adore and very much respect in the blogging land! They have been a very positive and huge source of inspiration to us (as another young couple crazy enough to renovate a home!) so we truly, truly, appreciate them showcasing our master ensuite on their blog.

So that distracted me a weeeee.....and we've been overwhelmed by the love and support from our fellow readers :) I was also very touched by the sweet comments some of you left under our "reality" post, so thank you SO much for that.

I always think it makes blogging much more fun when you have great support from amazing readers (like yourself) as well as other bloggers. People you can talk openly to, share with and be inspired by. Here are just a few of the ladies I admire...plus they've been doing some pretty amazing stuff lately...

Burlap and Lace

Shannon is my BBB (Best Blogging Buddy- Shannon, I may have just made that up?!) however, check out this table she recently re-did. No other words...except AWESOME:

Our Hiding Place:

Not only does Lauren do home renos, decor, fashion, but shes also SUPER handy! Want to know how to save money and make your own laudry detergent? Well, Lauren solved that for you! Check out her post on that here.

I have to give a BIG kudos to my awesome brother for taking that photo of our bedroom for us. He actually works in photography, so it helps to have a talented brother to help a girl out (especially when her camera lens does not do fancy things!)

Hope are you are all having a great week! Have you been working on any new projects lately? Pinning anything!? :)

Just Bella

Christine has the cutest little girl ever. Plus her name is Alice, and I completely adore that. Christine shares the coolest finds, plus she always looks stylish and I MAY love every single article of clothing she posts about.

Plus this
salad she posted about made me SO hungry...


Katy is just the sweetest. Recently we've become acquainted through the blogland over stripes. Yes stripes. Remember our stripe post? They painted the same stripes on their walls and we shared many an email discussing... "umm...did you want to pull your hair out when you realized this was taking FOREVER?" Ya. Love the stripes. LOVE THEM.

Anyho, Katy and Nick recently re-did their patio, and it looks fabulous:

So there you have it! Just a few blogs I read daily and am inspired by. Also, a thank you to all of YOU! Our readers who have been with us since the beginning and those who have just found us! We've received the most wonderful emails and messages from you all lately and it means the world to us. Plus, it inspires us to keep working away on new projects to share :)

While Ian and I finish up a few projects around here this week, here's a sneak peak of the master bedroom to give you an idea of what we've been up to. This room still needs a bit of work, but its getting there!

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