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So on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, we put up a poll asking you what you thought we should change about our guest room. We wanted to change it up...it just didn't feel finished and we weren't totally happy with it, so we thought we'd ask you, our lovely readers what YOU thought we should change!

30% of you who voted, wanted us to paint our shutter headboard....so we did!

I decided I would test out my choice paint method (white washing) on a sample first. Thankfully, when we cut the shutters down to put up on the wall, I kept the scrap pieces and those worked perfectly as testers.

I grabbed my paint, water and a brush and went to town.

After about 20 minutes I had this:

I put it up against a wall in the guest room to see how the paint finish looked with the walls, and was pretty happy. Then I put the sample up on the bed to see how it looked with the bed fabrics and pillows, etc:

While I loved the look of the shutters with the blue, white and cream pillows, and my curtains, I wasn't crazy about the red. Soooo...goodbye red pillows (maybe I'll use them elsewhere, but they're not jamming with the room vibe anymore). I took away the red pillows to see what it would look like with the blues and whites:

Much better. Now I just need more blue tones in any additional pillows and accessories. Honestly, I've determined those are just my colours. Every time I try to decorate with colours other than my favorites (whites, blues, greens, grey's) I really struggle with a room. I read in a magazine once, a story about a decorator who did her whole house in black and white. Every time friends or family came over they would try and tell her to inject colour or change it up, and when she did she was never happy. So she finally did every room just the way she wanted and she absolutely loves her home. She said something like "to others it may feel cold, but to me I LOVE it". That has really stayed with me. To anyone who has seen our home, every room we have done, has been in white, blues or greys, with touches of turquoise and green, and we LOVE those rooms. So stick with what you love, and what makes YOU happy. You the one living there so YOU need to like it!

So I ripped the room apart,and while Ian worked on painting our pool house (eeee....another room to decorate! Sort of...if you count a 10x6 sized space a room? I've decided on a navy/white nautical theme...for the inside. Really there's not going to be much decorating-I think Ian just wanted to humour me when he said yes, but he's agreed to let me add navy accents to the inside where-ever we can), I worked on painting the shutters.

This is how far 3 hours got me:

Yes, that is all. It was hot on Sunday people! That, and white washing shutters that soak up paint like a dry sponge, takes forever. My plan is to finish them this week and then get started on the next project for this room. I'll be blogging about how I painted the shutters once they're done.

So, we need your help again! What do you think we should do next? The poll below is open for 1 week, so let us know what you think! He're another quick shot of the guest room to remind you of the before!

Vote and let us know! Can't wait to see what you all think!


  1. Hey! I'm loving your blog, came on over from YHL. I'm a fellow Canadian :) Can you please tell me where you found these side tables? I've been looking for some narrow nightstands for a while and they are so hard to come by! (And so expensive!) Thanks so much! Kim

  2. Hi Kim!! Thanks so much for checking us out!! We got the sidetables from Ikea actually! They're from many years ago though, so I dont think they make them anymore?! I think this was the line they are from, but they've changed the look of them now: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/00180553/ Hope that helps! Thanks so much for reading- LOVE hearing from other fellow Canadians! :D


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