Hey everyone,

Today I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers. She wrote a post being honest about herself and her situation and it gave me the courage to finally do the same.

I dont have a fancy project for you today or any pretty pictures. Sad face, I know. I am going to be honest and let you know that Ian and I have been dealing with a lot lately, and some days we feel like we need to take life 1 minute at a time, because we dont know how else to do it. We're going through some things that have turned our lives into a rollercoaster. Up one day, down the next and we can't control it. Our home is the one thing that distracts us; gives us something to focus on and we are more than thankful for that. We are so thankful for all we have, but that doesn't mean that we dont still go through tough times like everyone else.

When we post, we feel the need to make everything seem perfect and make things look easy (refer back to my last post on some Q&A about that!), but thats not always the case. This week, we've sodded our backyard a bit and thats about it. Ive chosen my own sanity over painting a table.

There are some days I feel like I dont have it together. I feel as though Im failing and am not sure how I can control it. Do you ever need a day when you just want to cry, eat some ice cream and watch PVR'd tv shows all day? I hope so. I hope some of you out there can tell me you feel the same.

I feel as though Ive learned more in this past year about myself, than in 5 before that. Ive tried to be less demanding of myself, and tell myself its ok if I can't post every day. My house isn't always clean (although I try), and thats ok. Today I drank a diet coke out of a coffee mug, ate a burnt hotdog on a buger bun and haven't touched a dirty dish. I have about 10 projects waiting for me to finish, and I haven't touched them. I probably will, but not today.

My house isn't perfect. The photos you see on the blog are the ones we've chosen to post, but let me give you a glimpse of my reality. My kitchen cupboards are not only unattractive but knobs fall off on a daily basis, and we've found band-aids and action figures in our dishwasher (not from us-lol!). Our family room carpet is old and stained, we've using a random piece of furniture my grandpa picked from the garbage for our tv stand and our kitchen light looks like a cross between gothic and country- with 3 lightbulbs burnt out. Its pretty hideous, and if you've been to our house and said its not that bad, we KNOW you are lying!

Of course we have so many visions and plans to change these things, but time and money are always a factor and we need to remind ourselves DAILY to be patient. We have so many friends with lovely finished and decorated homes, however doesn't everyone want to change at least SOMETHING about their home? Ive got a list of about 30 things. Probably more. In fact its more like 57 but who'se counting.

We do projects when we can, and I honestly can't thank my lucky stars enough to have a husband who loves to do them with me and is more than helpful. I couldn't do this without him, and I am very thankful for that.

I try to focus on the postives and happy moments on the blog, but today I need share my reality with you. We are not perfect, our house is not perfect and projects do not always turn out. Remember those painted jars I shared with you? Well 3 of them didn't turn out and I had to do them again.   Any of you who have done a project on your home will attest to this...things are not as easy as they seem. And if you are on Pintesest don't forget that most of those projects probably took those people more than 1 try to finish....if not, Id love for them to come help us!

So there you have it. A bit of our reality.

So dont feel bad if a project doesn't turn out, you dont have time to paint a dresser (since your 5 year old just smeared peanut butter all over the carpet), or if there are action figures in your dishwasher too. Life will go on, projects will get done with time and sometimes you just need to take a day to watch Price is Right in your pyjamas for your own sanity.


  1. Oh, honey. You are NOT alone. Not one person on the planet has it all together. Not one. Give yourself a day to cry and eat ice cream if you need it. The ugly times happen; they make the good times more special and less taken for granted. And they'll come, those good times. In spades, outnumbering the tough ones. Hang in there.

  2. Having a new home is not easy, especially when it needs so much work done. My husband and I are in the same boat. Time and money tend to run out before we want it to. Here's the wonderful journey that life is- all the ups and downs are what we'll look back on and remember. Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. You know what IS perfect.....this post. It is real and it is true and real life isn't always good times. The hard times remind us just how precious the good times are. No one is perfect and they shouldn't want to be because it would mean that they are not really living life in a sincere way. Nothing wrong with a day in pj's with ice cream and tv.....xoxo

  4. Tara from OttawaJuly 20, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    I have checked out your bloq a few times and love it, and this is my first time commenting (I think). It is now in my regular rotation of "blogs to read". I love getting to know the people behind the blog as much as I love the ideas and tips. I'm sorry to hear things are tough right now. Just keep truckin' and know that there are a whole bunch of us out here rooting for you, and we are glad to hear that you are "normal" and have knobs falling of your cabinets. :-)

  5. Melissa , I have to admit a tear came to my eye reading this blog. If ONLY you could remember the day your dad ATTEMPTED to spray paint a set shutter doors while you were happily snoozing in your swingmatic in the familyroom. I only wish I had that escapade on video as his feet were stuck to all the plastic on the floor while he panicked as the paint dribbled down the shutters. Lets just say he NEVER spray painted anything again after that! lol So so proud of you xoxoxo MOM

  6. Amen, sister! This is real life. I try and keep my blog "positive" too but I'm with you, life isn't perfect, my house is a mess, and sometimes (a lot of the time) I'm too tired to tackle projects or blog. That's life. I totally hear ya, thanks for your honesty and for sharing. Sending you lots of happy thoughts your way!

  7. This is SO the way real life is - I just found your blog recently and I love beautiful things as much as the next girl, but the reality is - most of the nice pictures in my own blog are staged carefully and snapped after a bedraggled child has finally stepped out of the frame! Life is a roller coaster. The highs are high and the lows are low, but it's a fun ride. I should write for hallmark. Lol

  8. I love your honesty, thank you for sharing! I so want my blog to be bigger in the blogging world, but struggle finding time to be a wife, a mom, a decorator, a receptionist, a nana AND a blogger....maybe someday. :-)
    Your blog s beautiful, your home is wonderful!

  9. Hey Melissa! I will often jump onto your incredibly inspiring blog to see what you and Ian have been up to! You should be so proud of it! Life is never perfect...it's busy and overwhelming most of the time...wait until you add kiddies to the mix :) You're doing a great job with this blog girl!

  10. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the real world ;)
    On blogs, especially the renovating kind, everything always looks so perfect, it's intimidating!

    And now: go and change those lightbulbs. Right now. It's one of those little things that sucks energy every single time you walk past it, yet so easily remedied. And after you change them, it will make you just a tiny bit happy every time you turn that light on. Go! Now!

  11. Thanks for your sweet comments everyone! I was hoping this post would help others, in the same way the post I read from another blogger, helped me :) I wanted everyone to know, its OK if things dont turn out the first time (because like 99% of our projects have had something go wrong during the process!) and that our house isn't perfect! Plus, sometimes you just need a day to let things go...if you know what I mean! Thank you ALL so much for taking the time to comment :) I loved reading your comments, and I'm going to go change a lightbulb right now Judith! lol!
    xo Melissa

  12. This is a fantastic post. It's still positive in my eyes (you're not whining and complaining), but sometimes you just can't keep up. I (and everyone else) totally gets it. Great post.


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