Staircase Overhaul

We decided to redo the staircase.
It wasn't that we didn't like the function of it, but we are slowly updating this house one room at a time and the staircase was one of those things that constantly kept nagging at us to change it
We knew we didn't want the carpet on it anymore, so we decided to take a risk and rip the carpet off, hoping there could POSSIBLY be nice wood treads underneath. Then we would simply stain them and all would be right in the world. Nope plywood. So we knew we needed to stick with full carpeting of the stairs or go for the overhaul. We went for the overhaul. Not without a ton of planning and inspiration pics of course.
Here are a few that inspired us (all of which you can find on our Pinterest here, and one that we actually posted to our Facebook page yesterday):

                              Via:  Contemporary Staircase by Cambridge Architect LDa Architecture & Interiors



and the image that has inspired the overall look that we want for our hallway:

So, after seeing all these beauties we couldn't really keep the carpet. One day after work I came home and the carpet was pretty much gone. Ian went to town and ripped it up, staples and all...well most of the staples. Him and I spent another 4 hours one night taking out ALLLL of the staples on these stairs. I can honestly say, there could have been a tornado that destroyed our entire home and that carpet still would have been firmly attached to those stairs there were so many staples.
After the staple removing party, we ended up with this:

And if you didn't see it on our Facebook page, here was the before:

So we're in it now! Carpet is gone, and there's a lot to do to get these beauties made-over. We've actually come quite far this week, and we're almost finished (with a few set-backs of course), but we'll share the next phase of this project with in our next post.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Melissa and Ian


  1. Oh my. Stair projects are tough but SO worth it!! Just in case you were feeling bad, what you found under your carpet is heads and tails better than what we found under our carpet. Ugh.

    I will say that after all was said and done, the stair project was one of our most rewarding and we often say "I'm so glad we did it".

    Good luck!

  2. I hear ya! Its a lot more than we anticipated...and its still a work in progress. Under our carpet was plywood, so we had to get caps to cover it completely...pretty much just a bad as having some not so great wood! Capping them is crazy expensive...waaaay more than I though!

    We actually referenced your post on your staircase when we started...thanks for all the tips!

    Wish us luck ;)

  3. Your post-carpet photos remind me of a flipping houses show I saw a few months ago. Behind her husband's back, the wife told the construction crew to rip out the spindles even though her husband wanted to keep them due to the cost of replacing. He was so mad, but the stairway did end up looking much better for it!

    You've got a massive project there, it seems. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Hollie! It is a big project but we're up for it! I'll keep posting on our progress :)


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