Nightstand Makeover

Part 2 of our dream closet makeover is coming up (as is more progress on the stairs), but I wanted to share this little bedroom makeover with you in the meantime.

A while back I found these perfect nightstands (end tables) for our master bedroom. We have a fairly good sized bedroom and I knew we needed substantial sized pieces for the space.

First we attempted to incorporate these:

The beloved Ikea Hemnes dresser. However, it was too tall and just a bit too large for the space. So back to the store they went.

Then we found these:

Although we loved them (perfect size, perfect design and they were meant to act as nightstands), they were WAYY out of our budget.
So one day I was out shopping with my mom and I came across these:
Perfect size, perfect height and just the right price...plus there were 2 of them. I even factored in the cost if we decided to get them professionally sprayed and they were still within budget- sold. They originally had black hoop knobs on them, but I quickly replaced those with crystal knobs to match the decor in our bedroom.
Although they were green, they were not the right shade to match our decor, and we finally decided to give them a makeover.
We picked out a colour that we found in our headboard fabric, called "Polar Jade" by Benjamin Moore and it matched the curtains, fabric and all other decor perfectly (its the same shade we re-painted our vanity chair in here):

We had each of the nightstands sprayed professionally (we figured it was worth the cost since we didn't spend a ton on the pieces themselves), and they look awesome!
Here are the finished pieces:
The colour in the photo looks a lot brighter than it actually is (I would say its truer to the swatch above), however it matches perfectly with our new headboard (which you can see a sneak peak of beside the nightstands). (p.s I really need to replace my childhood alarm clock...yikes!)

So there you have it, our updated nightstands painted to match our space. We love the size of them, the number of drawers and how the style matches our dresser- they fit perfectly. We'll be posting about the finished space soon, but for now this gives you an idea of our colour scheme and how we went about it. Hope this inspires you to think outside of the box for nightstands...there are so many options out there!
Melissa and Ian


  1. They look amazing! I love how they look with your headboard. Gorgeous!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! We figured we needed to try something other than white for a change ;)

  3. I love those. The drawer sizes look perfect. I might have a hunt around NZ and see if I can get some for myself after we shift. We definitely need bedside tables. You did a gorgeous job with them.

  4. Hi Melissa and Ian,

    Great work (again). May we ask where you have your items sprayed? The results are gorgeous.

    We worked on our master bedroom over the summer, added an additional closet to the bank of closets, and used french doors singly rather than closet doors for the openings. The glass is pebbled so our clothes don't need to be color coordinated, lol, and the effect is quite nice. We don't have your style, however, and your blog is always inspirational. Best wishes, John and Anne Dvorachek

    1. Thanks Anne!
      We got them done by a local decorator- her name is Karen Murray, and you can see her work here: http://www.karenmurray.ca/
      She has done all of our furniture spraying for us :)
      Thanks so much for reading, sounds like you have been busy too! :)

  5. Love the nightstands and the color. May I ask where you purchased them at?

    1. Thank you! The nightstands were from HomeSense here in Canada :)

  6. Wow! Your bedroom is gorgeous! We love the Benjamin Moore colour that you chose, just wondering what type of paint is needed (semi-gloss, enamel?) and if a varnish coat needs to be done? We are planning on painting our side tables ourselves. Thanks!

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment :) We had these professionally sprayed, so we did not do them ourselves. In the past for furniture we have painted ourselves, we have used an eggshell finish and added a sealer. I hope that helps!


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