Flooring Mishaps

Flooring woes. Honestly, this family has a lot of issues with flooring...and I don't just mean Ian and I. My parents have struggled with their own flooring issues and I can't say this is the first time Ian and I have struggled...if you recall our marble bathroom flooring problem. In each of these cases, the issue hasn't been a flaw with the materials themselves (thankfully!), but rather the install or the store we purchased them from. So you can probably see where this is going....we've had issues with the bamboo floors upstairs.

Lets start from the beginning shall we?

We debated and debated on what kind of flooring to choose. After finding a great deal on our bamboo floors we decided to go with them and happily took home the 25 boxes of flooring that we needed.

We didn't bother checking the flooring inside the boxes, since we had already installed this EXACT floor from this exact store in the past. We've loved how these floors look, in our living and dining rooms, office and master bedroom you can see here.

We saw the sample in the store and it looked perfect and the boxes were the exact same as what we'd had in the past. Lesson learned: even if you are 150% SURE that you have the right flooring, check the boxes. Seriously, it will give you a piece of mind and could save you money in the end (if something were to be wrong).

We hired an installer and he showed up right on time to start with the floors. About halfway through the morning, he mentioned to Ian that something looked a bit off. Ian was able to tell right away that the floors were not the same floors we had already installed in our bedroom. Since he had started from the bedroom, the old floors were right up against the new ones, and it was easy to see the difference. It was subtle, yet noticeable. Ian told him to continue with the install, thinking it could just be the lighting or the fact that the bedroom floors had changed over the past year from the sunlight.

We came home from work that evening and the installer had finished the majority of the hallway. I instantly noticed the difference and did not like the new floors. Since we had never had problems with these floors before and the boxes were labelled the same we assumed it might have been a different dye lot and that we were being too picky.

The installer came back the next day, finished the hallway and nursery and Ian managed to re-install the baseboards, fill all nail holes and caulk and paint them before I get home. I came home (and I'm going to partly blame it on pregnancy hormones, ok?), but I looked at the floors and started to cry. Like really cry. I honestly did not like the new floors AT ALL. So, we debated and finally decided to go back to the store. You can see here that the difference is pretty noticeable:
We brought them a piece of the old flooring (that we had leftover from our bedroom) as well as the new flooring and the sales associates were honestly shocked. They brought over their sample and of course the new floors looked nothing like it. They went and checked all of the boxes of flooring and they all had the "new" floors in them. They went through a box in every pallet and finally when they got to the back of the piles, they found the old style of flooring. The manufacturer had changed the staining process and had not told them. The new floors looked more red in colour and did not have that same "bamboo streak effect" that the old floors had. The sales associates were pretty surprised and thankfully felt sorry for us. They had enough of the older style to give us as a replacement (and did not charge us for that).

The problems were, that we had already installed 10 out of the 25 boxes of flooring so we were only able to return 15 to the store. Also, we already had paid our installer for 2 days of work and now had to start all over again. As well, the installer had custom cut multiple pieces to fit around our railing (which had taken him hours) and he would now need to do that all over again.

That night, we spend the rest of the evening ripping out the new floors. Ian would rip up each board, I would fill a crate with as many as I could and Ian would carry them downstairs and dump them in the garage. 4 hours later we were done and back to where we started from. We left a few pieces around the railing so the installer could use them as a template.

Our installer was great and said he would be fine with starting over with whatever we wanted.

The next day we went back to the store, picked up the correct flooring and brought it home. We let it acclimatize over the weekend and the installer planned to start Monday. Sunday night, Ian and I went through each and every box (allll 25 of them) and checked each and every piece of flooring to make sure it was correct. It may have been overkill, but hey, better safe than sorry (and we are honestly not going to fix this a second time...could you imagine!?)

So there you have it. With the amount of renovations we do, we expect some set-backs here and there, however flooring has been a constant problem of ours. I would highly recommend that you double and triple check any materials that you bring home for renovations. It might take a bit of time, but in the end you'll feel better knowing the right product is being installed. Back to square one!

With this mishap, we now have to pay more for the floors than anticipated, however in the end its still going to cost us less than what we budgeted (barely, but we made it!), and my true feelings are that anything worth having is going to take time...so I'm expecting the floors to look awesome :)

So there you have it, not all projects go perfectly...but it makes it all worth it in the end when they do. Have any of you experienced any similar "mishaps" during a home reno project?! Please tell us we're not the only ones!

Melissa and Ian


  1. That stinks!! Luckily they had some of the old style. You don't think you can negotiate a repayment of part of your installation costs?

    1. No the store wouldn't go for it. We had to bargain with them just to let us dump the new floors that we had to remove, in their dumpster (since we didn't want to have to pay to drop them off at the dump!). We weren't impressed. We've gone to them for a lot of things, but this may have steered us in another direction. Im really just glad we could get the correct floors in- that was my main concern!

  2. Good for you for trusting your instincts! You would have NEVER been happy with that floor and the extra money and time will help you sleep at night. BTDT MANY times!!! You have worked too hard so you should be happy :)I know it will look amazing! xo

    1. Thank you! I think its the right decision too :) xo

  3. You've got lots of empathy in Australia from me! As a newly single mum, I bought a new home and had just enough money left in the bank for new timber flooring and a bottle of champers! I arrived home from work to find three quarters of the flooring complete (hall, lounge, dining, kitchen) with tiny, short strips of wood when I had ordered and paid for extra long and extra wide style. I was devestated and the supplier, who admitted fault would not pay for the take-up or relaying costs nor credit me the used wrongly supplied material. We compromised with them paying the remaining laying costs and refunded the entire cost of the flooring. A $8K outlay became $1000 and I 'wore' the incorrect look. The additional moolah helped me renovate the rest of the house and I sold it for a very good profit! I hope sincerely that you have a positive outcome to your problem, which seems more difficult to resolve than mine. Good luck! x KL

    1. Oh wow, Im so sorry you went through that! Nice to hear it worked out so well for you though! Thanks so much for reading! :)

  4. What a bummer! So frustrating that you can never count on things to be as expected!

    1. Thanks Hollie, I know eh?! However, you live and learn! :)


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