Nursery Before

When designing the nursery, the first decision was which room to turn into the nursery. We had 2 spare rooms to decide between- one small and the other a big larger and closer to our bedroom. In the end we chose the larger room that was closer to our bedroom. It just made sense to utilize the larger space and have the baby closer to us to begin with.

So that bedroom started looking like this (minus the d├ęcor and furniture that was the previous home owners):

Once we ripped out the laminate floors we were left with a pretty bare room:

We picked a paint colour and after painting all of the walls, closet, and re-painting the trim and mouldings (and caulking) we ended up with this:

We chose the colour "Pelican" by ICI/Dulux paints as we found it had a bit of a taupe/grey base to it, which we loved. Its just a bit less grey than the other rooms in our house, but still matches well. The picture doesn't really show the true colour of the walls- lighting really changes everything, but here is the swatch:

Looks pretty grey to me on my computer screen! However, it is much less grey in person. Just after finishing this room we decided on installing hardwood/bamboo floors in our entire upstairs and all of the baseboards need to be removed. After all the work Ian had put into painting the walls, baseboards and caulking everything, this was a bit of a pain. So he's removed them all and now this room is just waiting for the floors to finally be finished. Once that happens we'll replace the baseboards, caulk and repaint if necessary and then we can start officially putting this room together!

Stay tuned for more progress on this room :)

Want to see how our nursery turned out?! Check out our post on the final reveal HERE!

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