What we've been up to: Update

This week has been a whirlwind. We've gotten a lot done around here, but its not without a lack of sleep or energy and we're both really looking forward to the Canada Day long weekend!

If you've been keeping an eye on our project list ("What we've been up to"), the "To Do" list is definitely getting shorter!

So here's a quick update (we'll be blogging about a bunch of these projects next week):

The upstairs floors are DONE:

and they match the bedroom floors :)

We are so happy with how they turned out-phew!

The nursery room floors are in, and we're in the process of putting together that room:

Nursery room closet system has been installed (Ian did an amazing job!):

and we installed a few new lights outside the house (some for style, some for function!):

so there you have it! We're working away and things are getting done around here!
Are any of you working on any projects this weekend!?

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Melissa and Ian


  1. Your house looks great! The trellis pics that you posted earlier just made my life a lot easier. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful home! I love your style. I would like to think mine is similar ;) I have been searching for a closet system and was wondering where you purchased yours..? I was also curious about the beautiful light fixture in your nursery. I adore the nursery! One lucky little baby ;)Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Our closet system was purchased from Home Depot. Its the Martha Stewart system and you can design it exactly to fit your space. The light in the nursery was from HomeSense :) Thank you so much!!


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