Nursery Updates #2

So here are a few quick updates on the nursery for ya!

Remember our blinds/curtains?

Well can you see the massive amount of light coming into this space? I love it, and it might not be an issue if Cole wasn't crazy sensitive to light...sound...pretty much everything! So, we need blackout curtains. We got some excellent ones recently, however they are pretty bulky and take up a lot of space in the room. We came across this post on Honey & Fitz and are going to try their technique to fix up the blinds this week! We'll be posting the results soon.

Cole has become a ninja when we change him, so that cute little "prints" picture that we mounted about his change table is going to have to come down. He literally almost rips it off the wall when we are changing him. So, I'm on the hunt for something else to fill that space.

Lastly, when we first found out we were expecting, the first thing I bought were the Blabla Dream rings for the nursery. I loved the natural/hand-made feel of them, and was super excited to put them in the space. We were then given another beautiful handmade mobile that also looked gorgeous in the space. In the end, this mobile won out (especially since it was a handmade gift to us):

Lately though, Cole has been loving the handmade toys. He loves his handmade Blabla dolls:

so we thought the Blabla dream rings would be a hit above his crib:

When we tested them out, he preferred the original mobile. I think he likes to watch all of the moving pieces, and so we're now on the hunt for a good place for the dream rings. I found a pin on Pinterest where a clever idea was to put them in front of the window or even a mirror, so that might be the next idea!

We also want to thank all of you who have pinned or asked us questions about our Nursery! This room was incredibly special for us, and it means so much that you enjoy it as much as we do. We truly put our heart and soul into that room to make it our own...the perfect space for our little guy. So thank you for pinning- it means a lot to us!

So those are the small updates we've got going on around here right now...along with a few other, more involved projects. Take a peak at our Facebook page to see what else we have going on. We posted a picture a few days ago to give you a clue as to what else we're working on!

Melissa and Ian

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